5 reasons to read The North Wind

I’ve wanted to do another review like this for a while and I thought this would be a great book to do it with! It was such a quick read for me and I loved it so much. Overall I give it about 4 stars as there were some small things that caught me and brought me out of the story.

1. It’s a beauty and the beast retelling! I love these kinds of stories and so this was such an easy decision to pick up! It follows the general plot but has its own ways of making the story unique.

2. The love interest is swoon-worthy! He is dark and brooding and mysterious…what more could you want. There is a lack of insta love and it is so worth it in the end. The romance is just so fun and it’s a classic trope of he hates everyone but her and I love it. The Frost King is such a great character and it was so worth seeing him slowly open up to Wren. The hate-to-love relationship is so well done and I couldn’t wait for them to get together.

3. The side characters matter. There is depth and time spent building relationships between the main character and the other characters in the book. Orla, a lady’s maid, has such an interesting back story and is someone that I came to love as the book went on.

4. There is depth to the main character and her sister. The main character, Wren struggles with alcoholism and there are obvious consequences because of that in the book. Wren and her sister remind me of Feyre and her sisters because of the sacrifices that Wren is willing to make. Wren wants to make everything better and does a lot to get there, even with a few mishaps.

5. I think the other brothers are going to come into play during the next books and it will be interesting how certain things work out with a specific brother (no spoilers!). I’m not sure exactly what is to come but I’m really hoping to see and learn more about the other Gods that are mentioned throughout the book. Hopefully a few cameos from Wren and the Frost King!

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