About Me

My name’s Carolyne, I’m from the US and I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing. My favorite genres of books are fantasy, romance, mystery, and science fiction but I’ll read almost any book that catches my attention or that has been recommended to me. I’ve started this blog in order to keep track of all the books I read as well as to put out reviews about books I believe deserve more recognition. While I spend a lot of my free time reading I am very busy with school work and sports.

I started with reviewing books on Goodreads.com but I decided I want to make a blog just dedicated to book reviews. I honestly love writing reviews for books that I’ve loved and hope to continue doing so for a very long time.

I’m always looking to improve my writing skills and I’m almost always looking for new book recommendations so if you know of any good books or if I’ve spelled something wrong (which I probably will do at some point) then just go ahead and drop a comment on the post and I’ll make sure to fix it. I include a basic summary from Goodreads for certain books in my review and I am in no way taking credit for them. The ones from Goodreads are clearly labeled as Goodreads summaries. I use cover pictures off of google (mainly Goodreads or Amazon), none of the book cover photos are my own unless otherwise stated in the blog post.



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